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Pearl Jam e o Mundo do Rock

Nesta página listarei todos os CDs, discos,juntamente com singles, lado b e outras performances , e quaisquer outras informações disponíveis. Incluirei ainda uma foto da capa do CD , uma lista de faixas e meus próprios comentários.



Once, Even Flow, Alive, Why Go,
Black, Jeremy, Oceans, Porch, Garden
Deep, Release


Go, Animal, Daughter, Glorified g, Dissident,
W.M.A, Blood, Rearviemirror, Rats, Elderly
Woman behind the counter in a small town,
Leash , Indifference


Last Exit ,Spin the black circle, Not for you,
Tremor Christ, Nothingman, Whipping, pry. to,
Corduroy, Bugs, Satans bed, Better Man,
Aye davanita, Immortality ,
Hey foxymophandlemama,thats me


Sometimes, Hail Hail, Who you are,
In my tree, Smile, Off he goes, Habit,
Red Mosquito, Lukin, Present Tense,
Mankind, Im open , Around the bend


Brain of J., Faithfull, No way, Given to fly,
Whishlist, Pilate, Do the Evolution, *, MFC,
Low Light, In Hiding, Push me Pull me,
All Those yesterday


Breakerfall, Gods Dice, Evacuation, Light Years,
Nothing as it Seems, thin air, insignificance,
Of he girl, Grievance, Rival, Sleight of hand,
Soon forget, Parting Ways


Can't Keep, Save You, Love Boat Captain, Cropduster, Ghost I Am Mine, Thumbing My Way, You Are ,Get Right ,Green Disease ,helphelp ,Bushleaguer ,1/2 Full ,Arc ,All or None


Disco 1
All Night Sad Down In The Moonlight Hitchhiker Don't Gimme No Lip Alone Education "U" Black, Red, Yellow Leaving Here Gremmie Out Of Control Whale Song Undone Hold On Yellow Ledbetter

Disco 2
Fatal Other Side Hard to Imagine Footsteps Wash Dead Man Strangest Tribe Drifting Let Me Sleep Angel Last Kiss Sweet Lew Dirty Frank Brother Instrumental Bee Girl


Corduroy, Given to fly, Hail Hail, Daughter,
Elderly woman, Untitled, MFC, Go, Red Mosquito,
Even Flow, Off he goes, Nothingman, Do the evolution
Betterman, Black, Fuckin up


Disco 1
Sometimes, Grievance , Corduroy, Hail Hail, Animal,
Dissident, Nothing as it seems, in Hiding, Even Flow,
Thin air, Habit, MFC ,Off he goes , Daughter, Not for you

Disco 2
State of love and trust, Immortality , Rearviewmirror,
Light years, Do the evolution, Last exit,
Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town , Black ,Alive


Lista das canções do show:

Long Road, Corduroy, Grievance, Animal, Gods' Dice, Evacuation*, Given To Fly, Dissident, Nothing As It Seems, Even Flow*, Lukin, Not For You, Daughter (into "It's OK" by Dead Moon), Untitled, MFC, Thin Air, Leatherman, Better Man, Nothingman, Insignificance, I Got Shit, Rearviewmirror, Wishlist, Jeremy, Evolution, Go, Parting Ways, Rocking In The Free World

Incluido dois video clips: Oceans(versão inédita) e Do the evolution

DVD lancado no site e nos shows da banda.


Set list: Small Town, Off He Goes, Thumbing My Way, Thin Air, Breakerfall, Green Disease, Corduroy, Save You, Ghost, Cropduster, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Gods' Dice, 1/2 Full, Daughter/(War by Edwin Starr), You Are, Rearviewmirror; 1st encore: Bu$hleaguer, Insignificance, Better Man, Do The Evolution, Yellow Ledbetter; 2nd encore: Soon Forget, Don't Believe in Christmas by The Sonics




tracklisting do DVD:
Love Boat CaptainLast ExitSave You Green Disease In My Tree
Cropduster Even Flow Gimme Some Truth I Am Mine Lowlight
Faithful Wishlist Lukin Grievance 1/2 Ful Black Spin The Black Circle RVM You Are Thumbing My Way Daughter (Featuring Ben Harper) Crown of Thorns Breath Betterman Evolution Crazy Mary Indifference (Featuring Ben Harper)
Sonic Reducer (Featuring Tony Barber of the Buzzcocks
Baba O'Riley (Featuring Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks)
Yellow Ledbetter

1.Performance solo em "Dead Man" de Ed Vedder;
2.A performance de "Throw Your Arms Around Me" em Perth, Australia com Mark Seymour of Hunters and Collectors
3.Montage com a performance de convidados na turne, na musica "Fortunate Son" by Pearl Jam includindo Johnny Marr, Betchadupa, Cheetah Chrome, Sleater Kinney, Corin Tucker, Mike Tyler, Steve Earle, Jack Irons, Ben Harper, Billy Gibbons, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Idlewild, and the Buzzcocks
4.Uma compilacao de imagens na musica Bushleaguer em 2003 na Riot Act world tour.
5.Matt cam em cinco musicas
6.Band outtakes set to "Down"
7.Montage do set com a musica "All Those Yesterdays

Singles e lado b

Yellow Ledbetter
Dirty Frank
Out Of My Mind
I Got Id
Long Road
Dead Man
Red Black Yellow
Last Kiss
Soldier Of Love


Act Of Love
Against The Seventies
Break On Through
Catholic Boys
Crazy Mary
Gremmie Out Of Control
Hard To Imagine
Hold Your Head Up
I've Got A Feeling
Just A Girl
Leaving Here
Light My Fire
Masters Of War
Real Thing
Roadhouse Blues
State Of Love And Trust
The Face Of Love
Watch It Die
Whale Song

Singles dos discos

1991-Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time),Ramblings I
1992-Sonic Reducer, Ramblings II
1993-Angel,Ramblings III (Fuck Me In The Brain)
1995-History Never Repeats, Sonic Reduce, Swallow My Pride (Green River cover),My Way
1996-Olympic Platinum, Smile (live)
1997-When I'm Crying, Live For Today
1998-Last Kiss ,Soldier Of Love
1999-Strangest Tribe, Driftin'
2000-Crown of Thorns (Mother Love Bone cover)Can't Help Falling Love Again (Elvis Presley cover)

CD favorito


Este album é o Ten, primeiro e melhor cd da banda.


Porque foi o single que fez tornar o Pearl Jam conhecido no mundo todo.Não só por isso, por se tratar de uma música muito boa de se ouvir, variações de violão, guitarras e Eddie Vedder detonando no vocal e não se esquecendo também do solo final que chega até arrepiar, e que eles nunca mais tiraram igual.

Pearl Jam e o Mundo do Rock